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tittle&jot: By You

by Dariel Lim, t&j Content Writer

Getting a creative block is the worst, we know. That’s why we have gotten our friends from across the world, who are now using t&j’s Organic Linen A5 Dot-Grid Journal, to share with us how they’ve made their journals uniquely them. Hopefully, you will be inspired by their creations, which could give you a little creative boost for your next journal entry.

Check out the curation below and don’t forget to share with us your journal creations by tagging us on Instagram because you could be featured next on tittle&jot: By You!


“A very good quality journal, both for the paper texture and design function. The grid-page design is very helpful for me to keep things aligned.”




"The notebook is A5-sized, dotted grid. I tried it out over the weekend and the paper is so good, thin enough to use for journaling but able to hold watercolour [as well]. Also, it's very lightly tinted which I love."


"The journal cover is made from linen so it definitely differs from the usual journals I've seen. Plus, the paper's pretty thick so you don't have to worry about the ink bleeding through the pages!
OK, now the stickers! They're really cute and fit my aesthetic personally."


"I really love the muted colours of this spread! This really made me love burnt orange as a colour in my journal."

Tune in soon for another installation of tittle&jot: By You! Meanwhile, keep in mind that every journal is special, especially the ones created by you.